Puglia is a very beautiful region in the heel of the boot, a real treasure trove of art, culture and nature. With coastlines on two seas, the Ionian and the Adriatic, it has 800 kilometres of coastline with beautiful rocky cliffs with a sheer drop to the sea, multi-coloured sea beds, golden beaches and crystal-clear waters. Inland, you can enjoy vast plains and gently rolling hills, uncontaminated nature with olive groves and vineyards that produce the famous Puglia oil and excellent local wine.

In Puglia the enchanted atmosphere can be felt and it is here that the magic takes place:the past is entwined with the present and the old popular traditions are preserved, kept alive and remembered intact. As well as the religious traditions for the absolute devotion to its patron saints, Puglia jealously passes on  other types of tradition, such as the typical dances. The Pizzica is the most traditional form of group dancing, practiced only in the Salento, but known all over Italy.

Known since the 14th century, according to tradition, the dance of the Pizzica was used to heal poisoning from the bites of tarantulas and scorpions: dancing to the rhythm of this frenzied music helps reduce the pain, until the poison is completely worked out of the system.

Today, tarantism (the bite of the tarantula) is not as common but the Pizzica dance is still used as a therapy to reach happiness and a sense of freedom.

A Salento dancer will teach you the basic steps of this frenzied traditional dance to the rhythm of a tambourine. This way you will be ready to let your hair down at the popular festivals in the Salento and on the Night of the Taranta.

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