Stroll through the narrow streets in the old centre of Bari and you will feel welcomed as though into someone’s sitting room. Unleash your imagination and dream: the gentle breeze of a typical Italian summer night, the smell of freshly baked focaccia and whole families sitting outside their home chatting, playing and joking.

Very few tourists are aware of the fact that Bari is a real treasure to explore and does not being deserved as a mere stopping place en route to the nearby and more famous Valley of Itria or as a base to explore the fine beaches of Puglia.

An ancient crossroads in the Mediterranean, Bari has the typical atmosphere of a seaside city, which has been formed over the centuries by different civilizations. Today you will find two different cities: the new one, lively with wide avenues and nice shops and its picturesque old centre, called Old Bari by the locals, a maze of alleys, old churches and  historical attractions.

This tour will let you explore Old Bari in an unusual and entertaining way: after meeting the guide in Piazza Ferrarese, you will take your seat in a colourful rickshaw. The guide will also be the driver and will take you through the narrow lanes of the old centre.

You will be able to explore the splendid Basilica of St. Nicholas and the Cathedral, both amongst the most beautiful churches in the south of Italy. You will be able to discover the secrets of local cuisine and meet old ladies who endlessly make orecchiette by hand, the typical Puglia pasta that is made by rolling the pasta into slim logs, cutting off a piece with a knife and shaping it by hand, all at an impressive rhythm. Later, as the final gem of this marvellous tour, you will stop at one of the oldest bakeries in the city to have a taste of the famous Bari focaccia, a sort of pizza base with  roasted cherry tomatoes, olives and local olive oil.

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