Visit the Grotto of Castellana

The Grottos of Castellana are one of the major attractions in Puglia and are a natural and invaluable heritage for Italy.

Situated at the entrance to the Valley of Itria, just a few miles from many fascinating villages such as Alberobello, Cisternino and Polignano a Mare, the Grottos of Castellana began to be formed about 90 million years ago.The beauty of the Grottos of Castellana attracts tourists from all over the world and since they have been open they have amazed more than 15 million visitors. On this guided tour you will cover a distance of 3 km and reach a depth of over 60 metres in extraordinary surroundings of stalactites, stalagmites, concretions and incredible forms, fossils, canyons and grottos with fantastic names.

During the exploration, at a constant temperature of about  16 ° -18 °, you are amazed and astonished by the great sight that nature has given us; in hundreds of millions of years, nature has shaped the rock in fantastic speleothems. The complete visit to the grottos starts from La Grave, the first grotto and the largest, the only point where you can catch a glimpse of the blue Puglia sky.

The route continues in the other grottos, all with a timeless fascination: Karst formations in very strange shapes give rise to fully-fledged legends: the Roman She-Wolf, the Camel, the Sock, the Owl –  all these names come from the imagination of the explorers who discovered them. The long visit comes to an end with the white grotto known for the luminosity of its stalactites and concretions, so that it is called the “brightest grotto in the world.”

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